Christoph Hauf

Spool is an electrical multi-socket that takes the functionality of a cable drum and the mass producibility of a simple extension socket. The cable storage becomes a useful grip on the underside while storing a 5-meter braided cable in its top circular slot. But unlike most multi sockets, it has a round shape and a warm feeling, giving it a place in our home and office environment.

23 x 23 x 5,5 cm

Chit-chat is a series of observations on natural and manufactured objects that I have collected over the years. It showcases a fundamental part of the design process: analysing and setting new relations between form, texture, colour, function and fabrication methods. The combinations came naturally, as some objects whispered and others started shouting at each other.

Tile Shelf is designed around the simple idea of storing and reflecting our belongings on glazed ceramic surfaces.

105 x 74 x 10 cm

Travelling by flight has become an experience between high-tech engineering and compulsive commercialisation. As the passenger is simultaneously seen as a vulnerable commodity, security threat and spending power, the airport requires an ingenious system to process these dissimilar fields. The photographic series Metaport focusses on the eclectic design often overlooked during an international commute.⁠

48 pages, 210 x 297 mm

Our domestic landscape of objects is continually evolving. The effect of living spaces overlapping more and more has a direct impact on how we expect furniture to perform. Domino is an open shelving system for this new home environment. The construction is based on semi-finished parts, the clamping system allows for a multitude of materials to be used and for the assembly, no tools are required.

170 x 370 x 185 cm

Lean is a mirror for corners. The placement focuses on a space which in most cases only receives little consumer attention. The drawn-out trapezoid shape allows for flush contact with both walls and the floor while abandoning the concept of a frame. Its liberal use of space enables Lean to be at home in any flat.

70 x 183 x 2,5cm
produced by Schönbuch

Mid-Rise is a floor lamp designed for the exhibition Residence that focused on the ambiguous relationship we, the FAN collective, have with the city of Karlsruhe. Two 6 mm glass plates suspend a sheet of painted aluminium in the centre, emitting various shades of colour and light. Specific details reference military techniques, where the electric components are painted for weather-proofing. The overall concept proposes glass, light and colour as the constructive elements of an object.

105 x 74 x 10 cm

Holly is a wall mirror. Shelf, backplate and hood made of bent sheet metal, form a character whose shape derives from facial features. Cheeky and bold. Your mirrored image is being framed and narrated by Holly. Next to the first version in blue, white and orange, the second one consists of a polished stainless steel backplate with powder coated shelf and hood.

60 x 90 x 9 cm

Palm is a free-standing shelf. Rods and beams span below the shelves to stabilise Palm without actually connecting. As long as the position of the four holes is set, the framework allows for the use of almost any sheet material whether it's wood, glass or stone.

170 x 185 x 37 cm

Christoph Hauf